10DLC - US


Using a 10DLC with Kantask

What is a 10 DLC Numbers

10DLC is a 10-digit phone number used only in the United States  and it’s a type of long code that is registered with carriers to support high volume A2P SMS messaging using the 10-digit phone number format. Messages sent from a 10DLC to recipients show a 10-digit number as the sender. Unlike toll-free numbers, 10DLC supports both transactional and promotional messaging, and can include any US area code.


Registration process

In order to use a 10DLC number, fill our form located here. Part of that information will be shared  with The Campaign Registry, a third party that approves or rejects your registration based on the information. In some cases, registration occurs immediately. For example, if your campaign was previously registered with The Campaign Registry, they might already have your information. However, some campaigns might take one week or longer for approval. 

After your company and 10DLC campaign are approved, you can purchase a 10DLC number and associate it with your campaign. Requesting a 10DLC might also take up to a week for approval. Although you can associate multiple 10DLCs with a single campaign, you can’t use the same 10DLC across multiple campaigns. For each campaign you create, you need to have a unique 10DLC.

10DLC capabilities

The capabilities of 10DLC phone numbers depend on the mobile carriers of your recipients. AT&T provides a throughput limit based on the number of message parts that can be sent each minute. T-Mobile and Sprint provide a daily limit, with no limitation on the number of message parts that can be sent per minute. As of February 15, 2021, Verizon hasn’t announced its 10DLC throughput policy.

Getting started with 10DLC

Use the Kantask form to request your 10DLC. Follow these steps to set up 10DLC for use with your 10DLC campaigns.