Kantask for Agile

100% Kanban for Agile Teams

See multiple boards or teams in 1 workspace. Produce 40% more deliverables, not clicks.

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Transforming Project Management At

Key features for Agile Teams

Rare are the cases when there exists only one process or one team working on a project. See all projects or process in a multi-Kanban workspace.


Kanban cards without goals are only a collection of cards. Set individual or collective goals so everyone has a common purpose.

Linked tasks, teams or projects

In Kantask, you can create relationships between cards, projects or teams. It all depends on how you want to configure your workflow.

See as Kanban or See as Tables

And much more

See tasks assigned automatically to members of your team depending on how the work flows.

Time management

Estimate duration for each type of task and see how time is distributed among team members. Once completed, compare it to the actual time worked.


We provide Kantask, we don’t teach you how to work. You customize everything: Tasks, Status, Language, Process, Roles and Permissions, …


A powerful roles’ system to create unlimited new roles and assign specific permissions to internal or external collaborators.

Welcome Kantask! Any agile organization should be able to see and link multiple projects.

Sébastien Perros, Founder & CEO Kerteam

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