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Informed collaboration


A project not only depends on one project but on deliverables from other persons or workflows, running in parallel. Kantask unites all of them around a single visual workspace.

Projects’ dependencies and coordination

Beside seeing all of them, coordinations between internal and external teams can be articulated.

Collective Goals

All these interactions need to have a common direction. As for tasks, workflows and teams, collective goals can be set and be visible to everyone.

And much more

Deadlines change and so do priorities. Identify what is urgent vs. what is important and get people notified.


A powerful roles’ system to create unlimited new roles and assign specific permissions to internal or external collaborators.


Statuses informs of progresses of your project(s). They can be notified in-app or per email.

Time management

Estimate time for each type of task and see how it is distributed among team members. Compare it to actual time worked.

Welcome Kantask! Any agile organization should be able to see and link multiple projects.

Sébastien, Founder & CEO Kerteam

Contact Us*Functional Demo
*No credit card required