Kantask for Tasks

Visual tasks management for teams
When using Kantask, SMEs gain visibility on their teams’ tasks and workflows, and increase productivity up to 40%.
  • Customize your tasks
  • Estimate time per type of task
  • Assign them to you team members
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Tracking tasks across every industry

You can’t control what you can’t see
See beyond a simple task

Any team can customize cards’ types to see them reflect their discipline and particularities: Color, type of task, contact, due date, value, estimated duration, priority, importance, and much more.

A predictable process

Tasks do have habits and they flow through persons and teams. See them progress in real time – learn – and remove their obstacles before the process is broken.

A common sense of purpose

Link your tasks to key results. Tasks without individual or collective goals are an illusion of control, without direction.


Estimate durations for any type of task and compare it to actual times.


Set statuses in your language and select which the notifications that matter to your process or team.


Get distribution reports, measure your performance towards goals, types of tasks durations, and more.


Dedicated teams’ experts ready to answer any question in 4 hours or less.

Welcome Kantask! Superior performance demands informed collaboration.

Sébastien Perros, Founder & CEO Kerteam


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